How to Konw Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

The most common way to know who unfollowed you on Instagram is to do it manually by staying on top of your exact follower count and then investigate the “Following” lists of other users to check whether or not they’re still following you.

This is obviously a complex and time-consuming process-especially when you have plenty of followers that fluctuates regularly.

If you discover your follower count decrease sharply and are left wondering who decided to unfollow you for whatever reason, there are ways you can track it – right down to the exact users who decided to leave. If you can find out who unfollowed you, you can try to interact with them a little and potentially win them back again as followers.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this with the Instagram app alone. Here is a powerful app that connects to your Instagram account and is able to track and tell you exactly who disappear from your following list.

who unfollowed me on instagram

IG Master is an iOS app that you can download from App Store to your iPhone and connect to your Instagram account. It’s primarily used to track follower stats and insights for users, media, and engagement.

When you use IG Master to find new people to follow and have others follow you, such as through Overview, it will show you a summary of all your follower stats on the main tab, including Profile Stalker, Secret Admirers, Users Blocked Me, Deleted Comments & Likes, Lost Followers and much more…

You can tap the Who Unfollowed Me to see a detailed list of usernames and even a follow button for each user in case you want to follow them to try and see if that will encourage them to follow you again. There is also an Unfollow All button for you to unfollow all the users that are not following you now.

For Social influence, retaining followers is usually pretty important. If you want to see how you can increase your following on Instagram, check out some of these tips.


Download IG Master from App Store

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