Find out and remove ghost followers on INSTAGRAM!

Have you ever been interested why you have 1000 followers but only 30 likes per photo? Here is the answer: there are lots of ghost followers.

Who or what are ghost followers👻👻👻?
Ghost followers are someone who follows you on Instagram but never actively engages with you. This means no likes, no comment, or nothing on any of your Instagram content.

There may be several reasons for someone to do this:
It might be a spam account and the software they use doesn’t include likes and comments.
They might be some kind of online voyeur, and just like to watch.
They might just not go on Instagram very often.

Whatever the reason, you want those ghostly ones away from your Instagram account.


How to find out🔎 those ghost followers?
You can start identifying ghost followers by looking for users who have the following:
0 posts
No profile picture
High ratio of people they follow to followers
0 posts in the last 30 days
0 posts in the last 60 days
Username filled with random numbers or symbols

If you have a small follower count, you should be able to do this manually by going through all your Instagram followers one at a time.
If you have a large follower count, we have you covered with IG Master.
IG Master is an Instagram followers analytics application, with it, you can track the status of your followers, discover potential followers, monitor the performance of your posts, and manage your Instagram account like a PRO. The unique analytics tool will monitor actions of your followers to find out who of them do not interact with your Instagram. Also, using app’s analytic tool you’ll get more useful information that’ll give you 100% understanding of your Instagram account, so you’ll be able to easily manage it.


It’s really simple to be a ghostbuster
Go to App Store
Download IG Master
Connect your Instagram account and follow the instructions
We provide you an easy way to find out ghost followers, which can improve your Instagram engagement rate.


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